Outkast Performs at Coachella

I’ve been waiting for this reunion for a while now and it was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there in person but I watched the whole video and enjoyed all 90 minutes. It was exactly the set I was hoping for – lots of great album cuts along with the classics.

Andre 3000 singing Behold A Lady, which is one of my favorite songs off of the Love Below, was unexpected and fantastic. Elevators, Shutterbug, GhettoMusick and opening with B.O.B… I loved it all. Like I said back in January, the breadth of their catalog is impressive and they put on a great show.

There were only two problems with this weekend’s performance. First, despite it being the first time Andre and Big Boi have performed together in years, the crowd was dead. Second, they cut their mics so we didn’t get to hear The Whole World.

It’s a festival crowd which means that not everyone was there to see Outkast. So the album cuts were played to a pretty dead crowd, which seemed to bother Andre. 3000 repeatedly tried to hype the crowd and at one point even said that he feels like he’s alone out there. Then, during his biggest hit Hey Ya, he basically performed with his back to the audience. It’s unfortunate that the crowd wasn’t as into the performance as I (or Outkast) thought they would be, but their set was still awesome.

Crowd reaction during Behold A Lady may have been nonexistent, but I was really enjoying it and I know there are millions of other Outkast fans who couldn’t be there that appreciated the setlist. I really love Outkast and I’m thrilled that they are touring again. Wait until they play in Atlanta too… I expect the crowd to be drastically different. I don’t think Andre will have to do any crowd hyping in the A. That crowd will be plenty hyped.


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