I’m Going to Really Miss 30 Rock

There are a lot of shows on TV and finding the gems a midst the vast array of options is a lot harder than just watching Jersey Shore.  But if the TV viewing experience somehow devolves to the point where there is only one spot on my DVR, it would be reserved for 30 Rock.

It’s a barrage of jokes, layered one on top of the other and paced so brilliantly that while you are digesting and appreciating one joke, you have missed 3 others.  This gives the show an off the charts score on the re-watchability scale and makes the episodes sometimes more entertaining on the 4th viewing than they were on the 1st.

30 Rock has been picked up for only 13 more episodes before it is officially cancelled.  I know that 7 seasons (138 episodes) is an accomplishment and actors/writers need to move on but I’m going to sorely miss this show.  Thursday night at  8:00 or 8:30 or 9:00 or 9:30 or whatever time NBC settled on for the show is appointment television for me – but not many others.  For a network show this smart and entertaining, it is a travesty that it averages just 4 million viewers.  It is critically acclaimed and has won its share of Emmy’s so I definitely won’t be the first person in the world to say that you should be watching it.  Nevertheless, you should be watching it and if you haven’t seen an episode then I’m jealous that you have 6 seasons to catch up on before the shortened final season.

Here’s a classic line or two from some of the ensemble cast of characters to wet your appetite:

Jack Donaghy (Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming): “Okay, in my defense, every April 22nd I honor Richard Nixon’s death by getting drunk and making some unpopular decisions.”

Liz Lemon (Head writer of TGS): “Wow, Avery Jessup, she’s hot. She was on Maxim’s ”I’d Rape That 100.”

Tracy Jordan (Star of TGS): “So Here’s some advice I wish I would’ve got when I was your age: Live every week, like it’s ‘shark week’.”

“My home address is in the GPS under ‘Da Crib’… because we live on Da Crib Ave.”

Jenna Maroney (co-star of TGS): “Oh, no. Did I come across as interesting? ‘Cause I tried to mention Bono as much as possible.”

Kenneth Parcel (NBC Page): “Oh, Miss Maroney, I have your messages. Uh, a Mr. Bret Fav-ray stopped by, and uh, dropped off this picture of a hot dog? There you go.”

Pete Hornberger (Producer of TGS): “No, no, Liz. Last night for the first time ever, Tracy watched the non-porn version of the Carol Burnett Show.”

18 Years to the day


May 25, 1994 – 18 years ago, to the day, Messier guaranteed victory in Game 6 against the Devils and delivered.  We need another Game 6 win against New Jersey on May 25, 2012.  No guarantees tonight, but I know this team can force a Game 7.  Get em up!

FOX has given up

Is Fox serious with this show?  I seriously thought that this was an SNL spoof.  I would have love to have been in that pitch room.  “So you know the Voice?  The show that gets 12 million viewers by choosing singers based only on their voice.  What if we did that with celebrities finding dates based not on their looks but on the sound of their voice?”  If everything is a remix, Fox has taken it to another level.

Talk about mailing it in.  Since they have given up creating their own shows, maybe they next they will create USA’s Got Talent and hire Tyler Perry as the host and Opie and Anthony as the judges.  The Choice will probably do well too. I’m a sucker for reality TV so I’m probably going to watch.

Excited to see girls with sexy voices make those D-list celebs chairs turn.  Imagine if Janice from Friends was on this show, with that voice and laugh.  No chairs would be spinning.

The Great Gatsby Trailer is out

I have no idea what this movie is about based on that trailer… I read this book in high school and I plan on re-reading it before I see the movie.  All I got from that trailer is the Leo is playing a character with a lot of money and Carey Mulligan is interested in him.  I remember Gatsby and Nick Carraway and the lavish parties but this trailer did nothing to spark any specific memories from the plot.  All that being said, that was still a fantastic trailer.

Typical Hollywood with great visuals, quick cuts and exotic 1920’s costumes to draw someone in.  I’m assuming since this is such an established book and this isn’t the 1st film adaptation that the trailer-makers felt they didn’t need to give any away any plot points.  Fine by me, I can’t wait to see this movie.

I’ll Have Another

What a finish!  I’ll have another and I’m not just talking about the horse… This year’s Kentucky Derby and Preakness have turned me into a horse-racing fan.  Can’t wait for the Belmont and the chance to see a Triple Crown.

I felt like I was watching a replay of the Derby during the Preakness – Bodemeister off to a big lead, then I’ll Have Another comes out of nowhere and edges out the win.  The Preakness was of course much closer than the Derby (he literally won a by nose) but both times a late surge secured the wins.  Guess you have to give credit to the jockey Mario Gutierrez, who seems extremely humble, and that 3-year old Throughbred.


I don’t know a lot about horse racing but I know that the Belmont is the longest of the three races.  It will be interesting to see how that affects I’ll Have Another’s M.O. of starting in the middle and coming on strong late to win.  There have only been 11 Triple Crown winners in history, and none since 1978.  So the Belmont is going to be an exciting day that I am already looking forward to.

Check out the trainer’s reaction during I’ll Have Another’s Preakness run.  Priceless and just another example of why sports is the best.

Can’t even imagine owning/training or having anything to do with a horse beyond placing a bet on it and actually having so much invested in these races.  Then to have your horse win… there can’t be a better feeling out there, can there?

Wright and Collins in screaming match in Dugout


David Wright and Terry Collins made me love the Mets even more last night.  The face of the franchise and the manager got into a shouting match  in the dugout last night after Collins decided to pinch hit for Wright.  Without all of the facts, it might sound like Wright was being a baby.  However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In the top of the inning, reliever D.J. Carasco was ejected after (intentionally?) hitting reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun.  Collins was worried that the Brewers would retaliate and hit Wright who was due up in the bottom of the inning.  So, he decided to send rookie Jordany Valdespin to the plate.  The game was decided at this point, with Milwaukee holding a comfortable 8-0 lead.  Wright, who is hitting a MLB-best .408 this season, is the clear leader of the team and said “If anyone is going to get hit on this team, it’s me.”  It was a classic battle of one-upmanship in the dugout.  Both Wright and Collins doing what they know to be best for the team and getting into an argument about it.


DJ Carasco has no business hitting Ryan Braun and the fact that the 25th man on the roster can spark this debate between the manager and our star player is ridiculous.  With that being said, Collins’ job is to protect his players, especially his best players, and Wright’s job is to lead the team.  If that means getting plunked in retaliation due to one of baseball’s unwritten rules, then so be it.  Both were just trying to do their job to the best of their ability and in doing so they definitely gained the respect of their teammates.  Check out their post-game comments at the link below.

Final Score: Brewers 8 Mets 0.

The Brewers didn’t hit any Mets and the teams don’t play again until September.  We will see what happens then, but for now last night was another encouraging sign about the character of this team.  I loved watching their passionate argument and even in an 8-0 loss, I have more reason to believe that this year’s team is a fiery and resilient group that will win more than it loses in 2012.