Mets are in the hunt for a playoff spot

It’s only been seven years since the Mets were relevant and fighting for a playoff berth in August and September, however it feels like much longer. Coming into this season with cautious optimism, I certainly did not expect to have a three and a half game lead in the NL East with 42 games to play. Yet that’s where we sit.

This season has been a roller coaster – a ride that has been mostly ascending for the last three weeks. The events of the last month were more than most teams deal with in an entire season. Trades being made, trades falling through, crying players, walk-offs, brilliant pitching, offensive sparks and offensive lulls – the highest of highs and the lowest of lows – it was exhilarating. Out of the chaos came a team that finally has a major league lineup to compliment a dominant pitching staff.

Since the Jully 31 trade deadline, the Mets are 12-6 and have built a lead in the division thanks to the Nationals playing some tough competition. Bottom line: the NL East race is going to come down to the wire – and what an amazing feeling that is as a Mets fan to be in a pennant race again!

Going forward, each game is going to be more important than the last. The pressure is on and Citi Field will be more alive than it has ever been. The six games left against the Nats will likely decide the division, especially the final three of the season.

The front office has been working towards a season like this for the past 6 years. David Wright returns from the DL on Monday and our young arms getting another reinforcement with the return of Steven Matz. But innings limits are creeping up for some of best pitchers and I just hope the front office doesn’t prioritize an arbitrary limit on innings determined months ago over a vital September game.

After Tommy John, Harvey must be dealt with carefully but this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to unleash all of our weapons and go for broke. We are in a race with a good chance to win the division and make the playoffs. Our rotation can carry us on a memorable postseason run – we just have to give them the chance to do so.

At the beginning of the season, contending for a playoff spot was a possibility but it still seemed far-fetched. Now we’re doing it and I can’t wait for the next six weeks (and hopefully beyond).


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