Ike Davis Hits Walk-Off Grand Slam


What a win for the Mets yesterday! Recently relegated to the bench, Ike Davis came up huge to hit just the 2nd pinch-hit walk-off grand slam in franchise history. All we needed was a fly ball, but the fact that Ike hit it out is perfect.

Recent reports suggest that the team is actively seeking a trade partner for Ike and it’s unlikely that one swing will change his fate. But it’s great to see him have a moment and maybe it helps take the pressure off a little bit. Nobody wants to succeed more than Ike and it’s awesome to see him deliver when called upon.

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s the 2nd win in a row for a team that set an internal goal of 90 wins. Of course, it’s so early in the season but this was a huge, character building win for a team still finding it’s identity. 2-3 just feels so much better than 1-4.

Also, Dillon Gee pitched another good game. If he can become somewhat of an ace and the bullpen shores itself up, maybe 90 wins isn’t so farfetched. I’m getting ahead of myself again, we should just start with a win on Sunday to get to .500 and complete the sweep of the Reds.


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