What I’m Listening To

Two new songs off Ed Sheeran’s new album have been in my music rotation recently after his performed both of them on SNL. I have never really been into Ed Sheeran in the past. His songs have always been popular and I have been kind of ambivalent towards them in the past. They’re good and I understand why they are popular but nothing that got me too excited.

He started growing on me more after seeing him cover my favorite Beatles song “In My Life” on the Grammy Tribute Show to the Fab Four. He performed a fantastic acoustic arrangement that I’ve listened to many times since. Last week on SNL, I heard these two songs for the first time and instantly wanted to more.

“Sing” is produced by Pharrell who seems to have a hand in every hit song these days, while “Don’t” is supposedly about a fling with Ellie Goulding that ended badly. They’re both funkier and have a different vibe than anything he has put out before. Based on these two tracks, I’m excited to check out the album and I hope Sheeran continues with this acoustic, bass-y, funk vibe.


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