Wow Jimmy Kimmel, Nice Work

Jimmy Kimmel won the Internet. The video of the girl catching on fire while twerking was everywhere and like everyone else, I believed it was real. It was the only thing people talked about for a 48-hour period.

Here’s a quick story to highlight the ubiquity of this literally viral video. A friend of mine was waiting for a friend in the lobby of an apartment building and he overheard screams coming from a computer facing away from him. He walked up to the doorman behind the desk and asked “Is that the girl twerking who catches of fire?” The doorman said yes and they both laughed and watched the video again together. All he needed was the audio to recognize it.

Some had suspicions that the video was fake but I thought it was 100% real until last night when Jimmy Kimmel revealed it was all a prank performed by a stuntwoman. Brilliant. I can’t say enough about great this is. I can only imagine what Kimmel and his writers were thinking as they watched the video rack up 9 million views.

The news coverage by virtually every day-time and evening talk show, which he highlights after the reveal, is hilarious. Not just because they were duped into thinking the video was real but because “Twerking Fail” was written in teleprompters and graphics generators across the country. (As Kimmel notes, good thing there is nothing going on in Syria right now).

It was the perfect prank and it was executed flawlessly. Kudos to Kimmel and the stuntwoman. You had everyone fooled and now you get to bask in the reveal that it was all a joke.


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