Giants Kick Off 2013 Season Tomorrow Night


It’s that time of year again. The Giants kick off their 2013 season with a big divisional game against the Cowboys tomorrow night. Week 1 is full of so much promise and a win over our division rivals, in their building, would look and feel really good. Eli has played amazing at the new Cowboys Stadium – in fact, he’s never lost there.

We know what we will get from Eli tomorrow night. Entering his 10th year in the league, Eli has already proven himself to be an elite quarterback. This year, the big question mark for the Giants is the defense. JPP is not 100% and we’re a safety down already with the loss of Stevie Brown in the preseason. Overcoming injuries will be crucial this year and it’s something that we couldn’t really overcome last year.

The Giants were a really good team in 2012 but our poor defense coupled with injuries and a brutal schedule kept us out of the playoffs. Making defensive adjustments, facing a little easier schedule and hopefully avoiding injuries has me optimistic for the season. Also, hopefully everyone still remembers the sting of losing on Week 1 at home to Dallas last year and uses that as a little extra motivation.

Our offense should be really solid. Eli has Cruz, Nicks, a new tight end target in Brandon Myers, (hopefully) the emergence of Ruben Randle and a fiery David Wilson to spread the ball around to. I’m expecting tomorrow night’s game to be a high-scoring shootout, like the last couple of games we have played in Dallas. If we have an improved defense, like Perry Fewell has been saying we have, then we should win the game.

By tomorrow at 11 PM, we will have a lot of answers about the defense. The Cowboys are a respectable offense but they’re far from the best in the NFL. Our defense needs to do enough to slow them down because if they can’t, then we’re going to have serious problems against teams like the Packers, Seahawks, Niners and maybe even the Redskins and Eagles. So c’mon D, it’s on you tomorrow night. I can’t stand losing to the Cowboys so let’s start the season off right tomorrow night with a convincing victory.

Football is back! It’s a great time of year – we’ve 20 straight Sundays of football on tap. To quote Bart Scott… CAN’T WAIT!


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