Manning Bowl III


You always want to beat your older sibling, whether you’re playing a game of checkers or a football game on national TV. Eli will be competing against his older brother in the latter on Sunday and he is looking for his first win against Peyton. The Giants need a W too to avoid starting 0-2 for the 1st time since ’07. Yes, we won the Super Bowl that year but only 11% of teams who start 0-2 make the playoffs.

The Broncos looked amazing in Week 1 with Peyton throwing for a record 7 touchdowns. But that’s not going to happen on Sunday and if the Giants can take care of the football, then I give them more of a chance in this game then most. Last week was a brutal loss mostly because even after turning the ball over 5 times (unacceptable), we still should have won the game. I wasn’t very impressed with the Cowboys and I feel that we gave them that game.

The thing that hurts most about giving away a game is that every game is so pivotal, even Week 1. Last year we missed the playoffs by one game and I fear that if we have a similar fate this season, it will be hard not to look back at that game in Dallas and wonder what could have been.

Hopefully that won’t be an issue though and there were some good things to take away from last week. The defense played better than expected – don’t forget Dallas had a pick 6 and was handed the ball in the red zone 3 separate times thanks to other turnovers. The offense is explosive and Ruben Randle looks to be a competent third receiver.

Obviously, the Giants need to improve in the turnover department as well in the running game. The return of Brandon Jacobs should help there along with a motivated David Wilson. I expect him to hold onto the ball with a kung fu grip for the rest of the season. Our linebackers are another concern, especially with Dan Connor out for the season, but every team has weaknesses. We can overcome those and it starts this week.

Peyton is 0-2 vs Eli but Eli is in his prime right now. Somehow, Peyton also appears to be in his prime even though he is fresh off multiple neck surgeries at age 37. He’s a freak and if Eli has half of the longevity his brother has, then we are lucky.

It will be hard to slow down the Broncos offense, especially when they run the hurry-up but I expect our offense to keep pace. This is likely the last time they will go head-to-head against one another. Eli deserves at least one win against his older brother right? If he doesn’t get it now, I’ll take solace in knowing that they are just setting up for a Manning Bowl Super Bowl at Metlife Stadium in February. Like I said, last time we started 0-2, we won the Super Bowl.

And don’t forget, you can watch the game on your phone!


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