Woman wins $1 Million on Wheel of Fortune

I still don’t understand exactly what needs to happen to win a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune but I know it involves a string of four or five things happening. Something like…

1. Land on the million during a puzzle.

2. Eventually solve that puzzle correctly.

3. Win the game and get to the final puzzle.

4. Land on the one envelope that has the million dollars when spinning for your prize.

5. Solve the final puzzle correctly.

Chances of all those things happening are basically 1 in a million. But it happened this week on Wheel of Fortune and this girl deserves it. She only had three letters to work with during the final puzzle and somehow she solved it right away. I love her reaction when Pat nonchalantly says “We’ve got a million dollar winner.” Even after solving the puzzle, she had to know there was still a very small chance that her spin actually landed on the million dollar envelope. But it did!

You can overhear Pat ask, “how did you solve that so quickly?” Half in shock, she answered, “I work out a lot.” It was the perfect puzzle for her and I bet she never thought that going to the gym so often would indirectly help her earn $1 million. Congratulations to her! For all of the bad decision makers and terrible puzzle solvers they have on that show, it’s refreshing to see a skilled player take home the grand prize.


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