Mets Sweep Season series vs Yanks


What a week for the Mets! Tremendous pitching (especially by the starters) helped the Amazin’s take 4 straight games from the Yankees. It’s the first time ever that the Mets have swept the subway season series. Gee pitched brilliantly last night and his dominant performance was the icing on the cake of a great pitching week. It’s great to see the rotation live up to it’s potential.

The Mets pitching was so on point that it accomplished something that has never been done in the modern era (since 1900). Over the last 3 games, Mets pitchers struck out 34 batters without surrendering a single walk. No other team’s pitchers in the modern era have struck out more than 26 batters without a walk in a three-game span. Pretty impressive.

Aside from Harvey, there hasn’t been that much to get excited about through the first 2 months of the season, so I feel no shame in reveling in these victories even though the Mets are still 7 games under .500 and the Yankees are 7 games over .500. The team needed this week in the worst way and now we take our season-high 5-game winning streak to Miami.

We can really build on all of this great pitching and timely hitting against the lowly Marlins, who have lost 8 in a row and 16 of their last 18. Who knows, maybe we can work our way back to .500 by next weekend. It might be wishful thinking but I’m running with it because this is by far the high point of our season and it’s really fun to watch this team right now. A couple more good turns through the rotation and everyone will have forgotten about Ike’s troubles.

I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself but I’m really excited about this 5-game winning streak. I know the Yankees are missing a lot of guys but beating them 4 times in a row isn’t easy to do. This could be the start of a nice run, then Wheeler comes up next month, Harvey continues his dominance, Ike turns it around and who knows. Oops, there I go getting ahead of myself. Let’s just start with beating the Marlins, like we’re supposed to, and continuing the winning streak.


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