Brian Williams Raps Snoop Dogg (kind of)

This is what makes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon far and away the best late night show on TV right now. He’s managed to blend the old and tired late night staples like the monologue and static couch interview with clever segments that are designed to go viral.

I don’t think that Letterman would ever have a segment that has Scott Pelley saying edited together rap lyrics. Brian Williams has also never shied away from a comedy bit but this certainly feels like only something that you would see on Fallon. This needs to become a recurring segment, no matter how long it takes the editors to comb through news clips just to find Williams say the word “aint.”

Jimmy probably never envisioned his career would involve ushering in a new, younger generation of late night television but he is succeeding. Conan probably thought that was going to be his role, but Fallon has usurped it from Conan and now Jimmy is on his way to another place Conan thought he would end up – The Tonight Show. As long as Fallon keeps the unique and hilarious sketches/segments coming, his audience is only going to continue to grow.


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