Check out this trailer

I’m very excited for this movie.  Chadwick Boseman (who played Ernie Davis in The Express) will play Jackie Robinson and that trailer definitely gets you pumped.  As a baseball fan, I hope this movie is great because it is tackling such a historic moment in the game’s and American history.

It’s well-documented what Robinson went through while breaking the color barrier but it’s been so long since it happened that there are few baseball fans alive today who witnessed it first-hand.  If this movie is done right, it will be an eye-opening look at what a hero Jackie Robinson was and show the hardships he faced in order to pave the way for today’s stars of varying races and ethnicities.

Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” was the perfect song for the trailer too.  Warner Brothers got it right with “Moneyball” and I trust they will do it again with “42.”  Unfortunately, we have to wait until next baseball season for it to come out.  On the bright side, April will not only bring a new baseball season but also a good movie to help ring in Opening Day.


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