Apple has us all in the palm of its hand

It’s truly amazing what Apple has been able to accomplish over the past decade.  In any company’s growth model, the growth rate must decline otherwise the company will approach infinite value over time.  Apple might be exception to that rule as it continues doing the impossible by getting more valuable over time.

I can’t think of a company or product in any business sector that has more buildup and anticipation than Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad.  Every time they release a new version, the entire world stops what they’re doing and gushes over it.  It literally turns people into babbling idiots and liars as you can see in the video.

This video is hilarious but I couldn’t help thinking about how it is also a comment on our iPhone-addicted, Apple-obsessed culture.  I’m just as guilty as everyone – I have an iPhone and I’m genuinely excited for the new iPhone to come out.  I just wish I wasn’t.  It’s a credit to Apple for making a superior product and marketing it in such a brilliant way that people crave it – like it were a food or any other life-essential necessity.

Clearly, a lot of what we like about the new products is in our heads.  Apple has us brainwashed, so much so that when it releases the new iPhone, it will increase the U.S. GDP.  That’s right, one product will affect the entire country’s gross domestic product.  I would hope that if someone handed me an iPhone 4s and told me it was the new iPhone 5, I would say it looks and acts a lot like the old one.  But I probably wouldn’t because of the excitement of holding what I thought was Apple’s latest product.  At least Apple’s control over us elicits funny videos like this one, that reminds us that people are gullible and Apple has us in the palm of its hand.


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