Giants Return to Form with Dominant Win

That’s how it’s done.  2 games in 4 days and next thing you know we’re 2-1 and a force to be reckoned with again in the NFC.  In their 2nd nationally televised game of the season, the Giants played one of the best all-around games from start to finish in recent memory.

6 months from now when we are looking back on this season wondering where we established our identity that led us deep into the playoffs (hopefully), I think we will be looking at this Week 3 win over Carolina.  There were lots of questions and concerns going into this game including working on a short with week with injuries to key offensive players (Bradshaw, Nicks and Diehl), the Giants porous secondary and recent trouble containing mobile QBs to name a few.  None of that mattered though, as the Giants came out and dominated the game from the opening kick off.

The opening drive was impressive capped off by Eli’s  pin point TD throw to Bennett.  It continued from there with breakout games for back-ups Andre Brown and Ramses Barden.  Eli managed the game brilliantly and helped the offense score a TD or FG on 9 straight possessions over a 2-game span (last 5 of TB game and first 4 of CAR game).  The defense stepped up big time and proved that it is better than what it displayed in the 1st 2 weeks of the season.  3 INT and the defensive line was back with lots of pressure to help the D completely shut down Cam Newton.  It was an outstanding overall team effort.

When a team succeeds, it’s on-the-field leader deserves recognition.  I have been saying this for a while but I would take Eli over any other quarterback in the league right now.  It’s not always pretty but he gets it done – all the time and it’s not a coincidence.  It is becoming funny to watch every talking head belittle Eli’s accomplishments by saying he was lucky or the secondary he faced had an off day.  He is well-prepared, can work with anyone whether it’s starters or back-ups and everyone trusts him to succeed.  Eli’s a leader and he might be the best one in the NFL right now.

It’s no fluke that the team would play it’s best game of the season missing it’s starting running back, wide receiver and veteran offensive lineman.  When Kevin Boss and Steve Smith left last season, Eli made stars out of Nicks and Cruz.  When Nicks goes down this season, he makes stars out of Barden and Randle.  The Giants have talented receivers and credit to Jerry Reese for having a deep roster that can overcome injuries, but none of that happens without Eli.  He’s the glue and he’s also the reason we won 2 of the last 5 Super Bowls.

As long as we have Eli and the team believes in him, there’s no reason to believe the Giants won’t be playing in the 2nd season.  Big game next week against Philly but in the mean time, we can sit back, stress-free and watch everyone else on Sunday.  Let’s go GMEN.


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