Francesa Falls Asleep on the air

When you’re on the air for 25 hours a week, sometimes you have to take a snooze on company time.  This is what happens you give one guy a show for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

This is absolutely priceless and I love how when he wakes up, he’s not even sure if Sweeney is still on or if it is a caller.  The Yankees have been struggling recently, but Mike is literally sleeping on the Yankees.  Talk about mailing it in.  I can’t say I haven’t dozed off in class and had the same look when you wake up and realize you just were just snoozing, but falling asleep on the air is in a completely different league.

Whether he’s going on a rant about the Mets or falling asleep on the air, Francesa is must-see and must-listen radio every day.


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