People actually think Eli should be benched?

NFL: Denver Broncos at New York Giants

I recently stumbled upon an article on titled “POLL: Should the Giants bench Eli Manning?” So, I took the poll answering No and the results popped up. 59.87% said Yes, Eli Manning should be benched. Give me a break! There were 461 votes cast so this is far from a substantial sample but the fact that 276 people answered Yes really irks me.

What good will benching Eli do? The team’s 0-6 start does not fall only on him. He has not played well this season but the team has much bigger holes to fill than at the quarterback position. The issues at offensive line, running back, linebacker and in the secondary way overshadow any problem that Eli Manning is currently presenting.

Some say to bench him so that he doesn’t get hurt during a lost season. C’mon, the guy has started every single game since being named the starter back in 2004 (there’s the kiss of death). Believe it or not the Giants season is not even over yet thanks to the rest of the division being almost as mediocre through the first 6 weeks. If you are seriously considering that Eli needs to be benched, then you have truly run out of things to talk about.

Who knows who even participates in these polls but hopefully there are more people out there who realize that benching our franchise quarterback is counterproductive. Eli’s thrown a lot of interceptions this season but at least half of them were not even his fault. Manning is the leader of the team and if the team isn’t performing, it’s on him to fix it. He can’t do that from the bench.

Both Eli and Coughlin have carte blache in my book. It’s very hard to win in the NFL and they won 2 Super Bowls in a 4-year period. Anyone who is calling for their ousters after 6 games needs a reality check. The Giants take on the Vikings on Monday Night Football this week. If nothing else, a win would be nice to get off the schnide and end this useless chatter about benching Eli Manning.


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