What I’m Listening To

I saw someone cover Use Me by Bill Withers on The Voice and it reminded me of what a great song it is. It’s such a smooth tune and that funky groove always puts me in a good mood.

Trending high on my music radar right now is soul music in general, especially Bill Withers and Al Green. Those guys had some hits and they sound just as fresh in 2013 as I assume they did in the mid 70’s.

In searching for these types of songs online, I stumbled on some stellar YouTube covers of Use Me, highlighted by this father-daughter masterpiece.

Sometimes it really amazes me that there is so much undiscovered talent. There are a lot of really good singers out there and maybe this girl will go on to super-stardom but as of now, I’m willing to call this one of the best YouTube covers I’ve ever heard. Kudos to this girl and of course to Withers for creating a fantastic song.


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