I can’t get Katy Perry’s New Song Out of My Head


Katy Perry has done it again. Every time she comes out with a new song, I listen to it and say “that song is alright.” Then I don’t think about it for a week while hearing it at least twice daily on the radio. After that week passes, I can’t get the tune out of my head and I end up craving it, hoping it comes on the radio. It’s a vicious cycle and it has happened again with her latest track “Roar.”

I give up. I accept that I’m going to like Katy Perry’s new songs every time. It started with “I kissed a girl” in 2008 and ever since then it’s been the same pattern. First time I heard “Last Friday Night,” I thought to myself “that song is alright” but it didn’t take long for those inner thoughts to morph into “Damn, when are they going to play that Katy Perry song?” “Firework” is another example although I must admit, it might have taken me less than a week to realize that song’s greatness.

From now on, I’m just going to skip the part where I’m not impressed and just embrace that I’m going to like this song. She has found a way to create perfect earworms that just get inside of your head and have you humming the melody without even realizing it. Congrats, Katy Perry… I can’t get your songs out of my head.


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