Is It Football Season Yet?

Almost. Every time I see this Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial, I get exponentially more excited for the season. This commercial is so awesome. There’s so much going on pre-snap and you’re right there in it. The way the camera swings around to see what everyone is doing leading up to what will be the most important play of the game.

It captures everything that is great about football and sports in general. I need to know what happens once the ball is snapped. I never will but I always feel the same thing after watching that minute-long advertisement – pumped up and overflowing with passion about sports and competition. Only 3 weeks until Week 1.

Dick’s did a similar spot in March leading up to Opening Day for the baseball season and it was equally as good. Sports are the best.

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Eric King 3 months ago

if you are a baseball fan, this perfectly brings to life, all the details of baseball that make it so powerful.

Baseballbat95 2 weeks ago

if this doesnt give you chills you arent a sports fan

airfly4848 1 week ago

I get goosebumps every time I watch this.


Couldn’t agree more.


One thought on “Is It Football Season Yet?

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