What I’m Listening To

I went to go see “Springsteen and I” with my dad the other night and I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruce since. The documentary was very good, using home footage of people describing what Bruce’s music means to them. While I could have done without some of the personal anecdotes (some people rambled on a little), the majority of them were very cool.

The stories varied from a girl describing her experience after getting brought on stage to dance with Bruce during “Dancing in the Dark” to an Elvis impersonator singing a song with Bruce on stage to a fabulous seat upgrade. Those people will never forget those moments and thanks to this documentary, even Bruce can share in those memories with them.

The documentary showed a lot of old footage and that reminded me of this awesome version of “Prove It All Night” from 1978. I’ve listened to it at least 10 times since seeing the movie. At the end of the documentary, we were treated to 6 songs performed by Bruce and the E Street Band at Live from London Calling. Finally, the epilogue showed some of the people that shared their stories in the first part meeting Bruce backstage after a show in Copenhagen. A very cool moment that capped off an entertaining film.

There’s a reason Bruce is the international superstar that he is today and that he has had such a long career. The Boss is one of the best storytellers and songwriters ever and his music means so much to so many people. Songs written 4o years ago feel as fresh as today’s music and his songs will be forever relatable. I’ll continue to go to Bruce concerts as long as he continues to tour – in the mean time, I’m going to keep hitting the replay button on this “Prove It All Night” video.



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