Mad Men Returns in 3 Weeks



There’s a lot going on in this new Mad Men season 6 poster. Many are speculating as to what each little detail means. I’ve read everything from the two Don’s representing Don and Dick Whitman to the prediction of time travel. Who’s hand is Don holding? Is that Mona with Roger behind him? Where is that plane going? Is Peggy on it? What are cops doing here? Are they investigating Lane’s death? Is Don is trouble with the law or is he involved with the crooked cops of the late 60’s? Is the stop sign supposed to look like the head of the woman in the dress? So many questions.

In a show that pays such strict attention to detail, you can bet that every little aspect of this poster was  intentional and given careful consideration. It’s a true testament to the creative genius of your show when a promotional poster sparks such intense dialogue and speculation. April 7th can’t arrive fast enough. Mad Men paired back to back with Breaking Bad is going to be an amazing two-hour block every Sunday this Spring.


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