The Internet is a Funny Place

You can find pretty much anything you want on the Internet and the amount of information available is staggering. We live in an age where it takes you less than 5 seconds to find out how old James K. Polk was when he took office as President. Just twenty years ago you would have needed a history buff friend or an encyclopedia to retrieve such information.

The other obvious advantage to the Internet is the ability to communicate with so many people so rapidly. One of the funnier results of this phenomenon is the Internet meme. Essentially, lots and lots of people latch on to an idea, picture, video etc. and duplicate different variations all across the Internet. McKalya Maroney’s unimpressed face was a popular one after the Olympics. The latest one is the Harlem Shake and it reminds us all that the Internet is a very funny place.

In these videos, you have one person start out doing the “Harlem Shake” solo. Then, once the bass drops in the song (unsurprisingly entitled Harlem Shake), an entire group of people are seen doing the dance with ridiculous props and outfits. It’s a quick 30-second video that anyone can make and it has spread like wildfire over the past 2 weeks. Enjoy a nice compilation of Harlem Shake’s below. You gotta love the Internet!


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