Ravens win the Blackout Bowl


That Super Bowl had a little bit of everything. First it was a blowout, then there was a blackout and then just like that it was a very close game. There were some fantastic plays, questionable calls and the game came down to the wire. That’s all you can ask for as a football fan. Beyonce’s halftime show was also very enjoyable and the commercials didn’t disappoint either. Overall, I was very entertained.

The blackout was very interesting moment simply because something like that has never happened before during the Super Bowl. It was interesting to see CBS scramble and overall I thought they did an alright job during the delay. They’ve been getting killed in the media and I agree that it clearly exposed how inadequate former players are at reporting news. Overall though, given the unexpectedness of the situation, I think that things could have gone worse. The blackout clearly had an impact on the game, bringing the Ravens momentum to a screeching halt. The Niners scored 17 unanswered points after the 35 minute delay.

Congrats to Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Joe Cool gave a very Eli-like performance and the man deserves to get paid. The  Har Bowl story-line didn’t seem to overtake the broadcast like I feared it might and I’m happy for John Harbaugh. Something tells me both coaches will have at least one more chance to play in the big game.

I liked the Niners resiliency and ability to fight back despite trailing by 22 points. When they want to score, they can do it fast. There was some questionable play-calling on that final drive and there might have been penalties that didn’t get called but that’s the way it goes. The Ravens did enough to win and that’s all that matters.

That safety to try and run out the clock was bizarre but I think it was the right move, even though it made a lot of money change hands in box pools. I’m sure those who bet on the safety prop bet were delighted as well.

Now we begin the long football offseason. I never know what to do with myself during those first few Sundays without football. Only 7 more months until Week 1!


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