What I’m Listening To

Back with another installment of “What I’m Listening To,” where I say what I’m listening to in an effort to share this good music with others. Today it’s Madness by Muse.

Muse has been around a while (since 1994) and this is by far my favorite track they have ever released. Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin shares the same sentiment.

“Having been their opening act 13 years ago I’m proud to say that I think this is Muse’s best song ever.” – Chris Martin.

Wow, Muse started so long ago that Coldplay, one of the world’s biggest acts today, used to open for them. Good for Muse for putting out their best work and continuing to be relevant almost 20 years later.

The song itself has a real unique sound, highlighted by the electronic riff that’s being played on what looks like a Guitar Hero guitar. The vocals also standout along with the memorable guitar solo that helps the song build to an intense finish.  A real solid track all around and I hope Muse has more like it in the future.


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