How can 30 Rock end when it’s this good?



How many jokes can you fit into 22 minutes? Someone must have posed that question to Tina Fey and the writers before this season started because they are shattering records. 30 Rock has always delivered an unbelievably high volume of jokes per episode, but right now it feels like everyone involved is at the top of their game. The first 2 episodes of this final season have been so hilarious that I’ve needed to pause the show while laughing to make sure I didn’t miss the next joke, which inevitably came when the next words were spoken.

The second episode,which aired on Thursday, even satirized the “politician looks too much like a cast member of your show” experience that Tina Fey knows all too well and it was a huge success. The jokes/physical actions with Governor Dunston were funny on their own, but layered on top of the normal Liz-Criss, Liz-Jack, Liz-Tracy lines made for an especially enjoyable episode.

As 30 Rock continues it’s farewell season, the guest stars are coming fast and furious. Bryan Cranston was a great reveal as Kenneth’s mom’s friend Ron… I just wish we got more of him.  Matthew Broderick reprised his role of Cooter Burger from Season 2 and was just as smitten with Jack and incompetent as I remember.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when this show ends. I’ll probably go back and watch the early seasons on Netflix, even though I have done that numerous times during the show’s “off-seasons.” Everything it does works for me, whether its exploring how cartoon-ish it can be or simply just ripping on its own network, NBC. It’s the best comedy on TV and I’m going to make sure I enjoy every last second of this final season.


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