Favorite TV Sports Themes

One of the great aspects of the Olympics has to be the Olympic music.  It is perfect and immediately gets you in the patriotic mindset.  Since NBC has broadcast the Olympics for my entire lifetime, I have associated this music with NBC and it got to me thinking about my other favorite sports themes.  When I flip on a game and hear these songs, I am immediately pumped up.

1. Olympic Music

A great composition that definitely captures the magnitude of the event.

2. NFL on Fox

I love football and since the majority of games are only on for one day of the week, it’s safe to say that this music evokes an unrivaled excitement.  Also, I’m a Giants fan and they primarily play on FOX, so their music gets me more pumped than the other networks.

3. NBA on NBC

Unfortunately, NBC doesn’t carry NBA games anymore but this theme was an all-time great.  There were some classic Knicks-Heat, Knicks-Pacers and Knicks-Bulls games with this theme and I wish it were still around today.  I guarantee if you play this theme song for a basketball fan, they will immediately have a smile on their face.

4. MLB on FOX

While this theme is used throughout the season on FOX, it immediately reminds me of the playoffs.  Think October… the weather is getting cold and there’s some important baseball games about to get under way.  This theme has become synonymous with that playoff baseball feeling.  Another great composition that will excite any baseball fan.

5. NFL on NBC

There’s something regal about this theme.  It’s as if NBC wanted their NFL music to feel more important than the other games on television.  I love it and if you are hearing this theme, it probably is a big game because it is nationally televised.  Also, the Giants won the Super Bowl on NBC last season, so this theme immediately elicits good memories.

6. NFL on CBS

The networks really brought their A game as far as football theme music.  This is the 3rd football theme to make the list and it won’t be the last.  Another pump-up theme that makes me think of physical AFC football.

7. Monday Night Football on ESPN

ESPN hasn’t had Monday Night Football for long, but it’s opening theme is right up there with the rest.  It’s another theme to associate with a big, nationally televised game and I think it’s safe to say that the NFL wins in terms of theme music.

Overall, it’s a great time for sports television and these theme songs are doing their part to enhance the viewing experience.


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