FOX has given up

Is Fox serious with this show?  I seriously thought that this was an SNL spoof.  I would have love to have been in that pitch room.  “So you know the Voice?  The show that gets 12 million viewers by choosing singers based only on their voice.  What if we did that with celebrities finding dates based not on their looks but on the sound of their voice?”  If everything is a remix, Fox has taken it to another level.

Talk about mailing it in.  Since they have given up creating their own shows, maybe they next they will create USA’s Got Talent and hire Tyler Perry as the host and Opie and Anthony as the judges.  The Choice will probably do well too. I’m a sucker for reality TV so I’m probably going to watch.

Excited to see girls with sexy voices make those D-list celebs chairs turn.  Imagine if Janice from Friends was on this show, with that voice and laugh.  No chairs would be spinning.


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