What a Series, Bring on the Devils


Still so pumped up from last night’s win.  3rd times the charm – King Henrik and the Rangers finally knocked off the Caps in the playoffs.  Now we try to make the history of 1994 repeat itself against the Devils, but before looking ahead, what a fantastic Game 7 last night and what a great series.

The series was so close throughout.  If 3 overtimes in Game 3 and the Rangers scoring with 6 seconds left to tie it in Game 6 weren’t enough evidence, the last 6 games of the series were decided by one goal.

Henrik and Holtby put on a show every game.  For some perspective, think about this:  There were 390 shots taken (211 by WSH and 179 by NYR) and the goalies combined to stop 362 of them (196 for Holtby and 166 for Henrik).  There were only 28 goals in the entire 7-game series and after watching the Penguins score 10 goals in one game against the Flyers, you can really appreciate their performances.  Credit also goes to the defenses and both teams never-ending willingness to block shots, no matter how much pain it may cause.

Exhibit A


You could feel the energy in the arena just from watching on TV during each game, but especially during Game 7.  That was a legendary John Amirante anthem and the Garden remained electric for the entire night.  All of the hype of the off-season acquisition of Brad Richards paid off in the game’s 1st 2 minutes. Richards delivered all season and he didn’t wait long in Game 7 to remind everyone what makes this Ranger team different from those that lost to the Caps the last 2 postseason appearances.

The post-series hockey handshake is one of the best traditions in sports.  These two teams just battled for every inch out there on the ice and after a full on war for 7 games, they shake hands with nothing but respect for each other.  It’s amazing and a tradition I will always appreciate.


Tomorrow night kicks off the Eastern Conference Finals and this series is going to be one for the ages.  These two teams hate each other.  The Rangers and Devils already had a line fight after the opening face off of a game earlier this season.  Brodeur, probably the best goalie in NHL history against Henrik, probably the best goalie in the NHL right now.  There will be a lot of talk about 1994 during this series, so why not get a quick reminder of how that series ended…

You can’t beat playoff hockey… Let’s go Rangers!


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