The Beauty of Opening Day

I love Spring for a lot of reasons.  At the top of the list would have to be MLB’s Opening Day.

It’s a fresh start for fans and players that coincides with the weather entering it’s most pleasurable time of year.  There is a certain innocence to Opening Day and walking into the ballpark for the first time of the season is always unforgettable.

Even though the days of one set Opening Day where all 30 teams actually played their 1st game of the season on the same day are gone (2 games have already been played in Japan plus Wednesday nights game between the Marlins and Cardinals, then 7 games on Thursday and 8 more on Friday), the first time your team takes the field is one of the best sports days a fan can have.  There will be lots to talk about throughout the baseball season, but tomorrow and Friday just sit back and take in the magic of Opening Day – that’s what I’ll be doing.


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