81-year old bowls a Perfect Game

This is so great. I love to bowl and I can not even imagine the pressure on these final three rolls. This man has nerves of steel and doesn’t even make it a big thing when he was one strike away. Maybe he’s been close before but my palms would be so sweaty that I don’t know if I would be able to grip the ball.

The great thing about a bowling perfect game is that anyone can do it. You don’t need other people around or an opponent to accomplish such an awesome sports milestone. You just need one amazing game where you are feeling it and can do no wrong.

This 81-year old man did it in league play with everyone there to witness and cheer him on, which makes it even cooler. But anyone can to the lanes right now and accomplish that feat, amateur or pro. Obviously, it is a very, very difficult feat but the point is that anyone can do it, even when you’re in your 80s.

Congrats and I’m glad the lanes posted this fantastic video of his accomplishment.


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