Kanye does Medley on Late Night with Seth Myers

I still love Kanye’s music and the medley he performed the other night on Late Night with Seth Myers was pretty fantastic. It’s been 10 years since The College Dropout came out and when you put some of his best tracks back-to-back-to-back like that, it’s impressive. Aside from being fun to hear songs that I haven’t heard in some time, it’s also a reminder that he has so many others great songs – ones that weren’t included in the medley like “Gone,” “Through the Wire” and “Family Business.” Those were the first three that came to mind but there’s so many others.

I don’t fully understand what Kanye is going through that has led to his long-winded rants about breaking down barriers and entering the fashion world. But I do know that the guy is a genius when it comes to creating and producing music. He’s obviously really passionate about fashion but I just hope he doesn’t give up music completely. Seth spoke about that grittiness he displayed on “Last Call,” one of my favorite tracks from The College Dropout. I don’t think he’s lost that just yet and as long as he feels slighted, I’m sure that he will continue to produce. Ten years from now, I just hope it’s another medley of songs and not fashion lines.


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