Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Delivers 2 Fantastic Episodes

Two of my favorites rode with Jerry Seinfeld to get coffee and talk about nothing (and everything) in back to back weeks. First Tina Fey and Jerry quipped about doing stand-up and putting everything you have into a sitcom. Then the week after Howard Stern joined Jerry for some coffee and discussed the psyche of a comedian. The only problem with both episodes is that they were too short.

I’m usually on board with pretty much anything Tina Fey or Howard Stern does or says but its especially refreshing to see them in a more informal setting. Seinfeld is also a great “host,” if you can even call it that. It’s a treat to get to see their everyday selves and I could watch hours of their menial conversations.

Somehow Seinfeld has managed to create another show about nothing that is still more entertaining than the majority of shows/web-series currently out there. The entire web-series is worth watching but because of my super-fandom for both Fey and Stern, I highly recommend you start with both of these episodes.


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