Amy Poehler wins Golden Globe


I know that the Golden Globes happened more than a week ago now but I’m still so happy that Amy Poehler won Best Actress in a Comedy. She deserved it and she was genuinely surprised when she won, which made it all the more special.

Parks is Rec is currently the best comedy on TV in my opinion but it does not get recognized as such. Modern Family wins all of the awards and Parks and Rec has never garnered more than a cult-like following. Poehler along with the ensemble cast and writers have been good enough to last for 6+ seasons, which is an accomplishment for sure, but it’s nice to see Amy get recognized with an award.

Like her best friend Tina Fey, Amy has created a winning character on a hilarious show. Tina was showered with awards when 30 Rock started out and then those awards stopped coming during later seasons. Parks and Rec, which has been consistently funny since Season 2, never received any mainstream recognition until now. (Both Fey and Poehler did an amazing job hosting as well).

Leslie Knope is the heart and soul of the show and while I’ve grown to love the supporting characters as much as her, she was original reason I watched. Maybe Poehler’s victory will lead to awards for some of the supporting characters or maybe even a best comedy award for the show. Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m thrilled for Amy and everyone involved with Parks and Rec, which combines heart and hilarity so effortlessly.


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