2013 Images of the Year

Happy new year 2013

As the year comes to an end, there have been hundreds of “best of” countdowns and lists – all of which I appreciate. It’s hard to believe how many memorable moments (for good and bad) happened this year. Seeing all of the images and videos in one place really makes you appreciate and reflect on the year that was.

Grantland had some spectacular year-end lists, which I recommend but if you’re only going to check out two lists, make it these to properly relive those moments that made 2013 so memorable.

First is Sports Illustrated‘s 113 most astounding, extraordinary, indelible, outrageous and utterly unforgettable sports moments of the year. The highlights for me include Boston’s anthem at the TD Bank Garden following the Boston Marathon bombing, Ortiz’s game-tying grand slam and the Blackhawks scoring 2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Cup. Also, I would remiss not to mention Murray’s historic run at Wimbledon, the crazy finish to the Iron Bowl or Mariano’s final game of his career.

Second is the New York Times‘ images of the year, which obviously encompasses more than just sports.  The 80 images cover all types of moments and unfortunately include a lot of suffering. As the New York Times puts it “Amid the violence and politics, there were also pristine moments that remind us of our greater potential.” It’s hard to imagine a written article evoking such emotion and retrospection on the past year. These pictures are worth more than 1000 words. A lot happened in the past 365 days and I had forgotten most of it, so taking this quick trip through 2013 in pictures was a welcomed adventure.


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