Mets sign Curtis Granderson


This has been one of the busiest offseason weeks for baseball that I can remember. Ellsbury is going from the Red Sox to the Yankees, Cano is changing coasts, Beltran is a Yankee, Napoli re-upped with the Red Sox, the Twins signed Nolasco and Hughes and there were a handful of trades. In the middle of all of this activity, Sandy Alderson made a splash by signing Curtis Granderson to a 4-year, $60M deal.

This is a great deal for the Mets. With all of the money going around this offseason, $15M a year for Granderson is a bargain. He is 32 years old so a 3-year deal would have been ideal in my mind but I can’t blame the Mets for agreeing to a 4th year. He hit 40+ homers in both 2011 and 2012 and will be a welcome addition to an outfield that needs an offensive boost. I am aware that he only played 61 games in 2013 but his injuries were very fluky. How often is a player going to hit by a pitch in the spot where he just recovered from an injury? Hopefully not more than once.

We still have some holes to fill but the outfield was our biggest weakness entering this offseason and we have worked to plug that hole. First with Chris Young and now with Granderson. It will be interesting to see what Alderson decides to do with guys like Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy. They both have value to other teams and could be viable trade options but I’m not ready to see either of them leave yet. Murphy has proved himself as an above average hitter and a passable second basemen. Ike continues to struggle in April and May but I’m willing to give him one more season to prove that he can be a force in the middle of our lineup.

With Harvey out for the year, it is unlikely the Mets will make a run at things in 2014. It still feels like we’re one year away but 2015 is looking pretty promising. We should continue to work towards that year as being our realistic shot at winning the NL East and Granderson will play a big role in that division winning team. Hopefully there’s more moves to come but in the mean time, I’m very happy to have Granderson on board.


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