Giants Somehow Not Out Of It Yet


This is not how I imagined the season going. It’s October and the Giants are still in search of their first win. You have to go back to 1979 to find the last Giants team to start this poorly. Although it was certainly a forgettable first quarter of the season, the rest of the division didn’t play their best football either. So, somehow entering Week 5, the 0-4 Giants have a very big game coming up against the Eagles.

If the Giants can beat the Eagles this week and the Cowboys lose to the Broncos, then the Giants will be in second place – just one game behind the division leading Cowboys. I can’t believe we’re not out of it yet either but after all that has gone wrong in the first 4 weeks, we still have a chance to right the ship and make the playoffs. Other teams that start this slow are usually not afforded such a luxury and we need to take advantage of it.

Denver beat the Giants in our home opener this season and they will likely beat Dallas this week. In fact, I don’t see the Broncos losing all season. Peyton is playing the best football of his career and they are scoring at a record pace. They have 4 solid offensive weapons and they get better as the game goes on. Eli’s older brother has a Total QBR of 98 (out of 100) in the second half of games this season. That’s almost perfect.

So, assuming the Broncos beat the Cowboys, the Giants can maneuver their way into second place despite only having just one win. For a 1-4 team to be one game out of first place is a rare opportunity. Not to mention we have another game against Dallas later in the year. Coughlin and Eli better be making this turn of good fortune abundantly clear to the rest of the team so that we come out fired up on Sunday.

Divisional games are always close and I expect this one to be as well but the Giants desperately need a win a game. They also need to prove that they are capable of playing a complete football game. There are a lot of holes that need to be shored up without a doubt but I think this team is better than an 0-4 record.

Look at their first 4 games – a tough divisional loss to Dallas that we should have won despite turning the ball over 6 times. Then a loss to the best team in the league despite being in it at halftime. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t know who is going to beat Denver this season. Then a terrible shutout loss to the Panthers – this is the only loss I can’t excuse. Finally, a blowout loss to the Chiefs despite playing against a much improved team in a hostile environment and being in the game late in the third quarter. The schedule hasn’t exactly been kind thus far but a win over the Eagles this Sunday can set us on the right track and help us regain our confidence.

I don’t think any team thinks they’re going to walk over us like they would against other 0-4 teams. We’re still just 2 years removed from a Super Bowl and we have a high powered offense full of play-makers. If our defense can step up and start getting pressure on the quarterback, our secondary will have an easier time. Maybe that in turn will help the defense stay off the field and allow our offense the opportunity to consistently put together scoring drives like we know it can.

Like I said, this is not how I envisioned the season going, but somehow a win on Sunday and we’re right back in it. Let’s right these wrongs and play a complete football game on Sunday. We’ll improve to 1-1 in the division and send Philly to their third straight loss. And oh yeah, we will be right back in the NFC East despite having our worst start in over 30 years. If that’s not motivation enough, then I don’t know what is. I’m counting on Coughlin to have the team ready to go for this one.


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