Baseball Playoffs Under Way


Like everyone else, I had my reservations when MLB moved to it’s 2 wild card playoff format. It seemed silly to settle 162 games worth of competition over a 1-game playoff. But starting tonight baseball fans get to enjoy three straight win-or-go-home contests and I think it’s fantastic.

It feels right – the division winners were rewarded with a 5-game series and three days off to get their rotation in order. The tiebreaker in the AL means one team will have to win 2 straight one-game playoffs to advance to the Division Series. The manager’s will be forced to manage these one-game playoffs like there’s no tomorrow and it’s going to be great theater.

October baseball has arrived. Both the AL and the NL Wild Card games feature great pitching match-ups and intriguing story lines. The most intriguing has to be the fact that Pittsburgh will host a postseason game for the 1st time since 1992. These next three days are going to be a lot of fun.


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