Bruins and Rangers Win Game 7’s


I am a New York sports fan and I have been for my entire life. I love the Mets, Giants, Rangers and Knicks and if those teams are out of it, I’ll root for other area teams including the Yankees, Nets, Devils and Jets (less lately thanks to Rex though).

Having said all of that if I could retroactively choose one sporting event to attend so far this year, it would have undoubtedly been last night’s Bruins game. Boston overcame a 4-1 deficit with 10 minutes to go in Game 7. The home crowd saw the Bruins score 2 goals in 29 seconds to tie the game with 90 seconds to go – in an elimination game! As a sports fan, that’s pretty special.

I can imagine the arena being pretty down when it appeared as if the Bruins season was coming to an end. Then a goal to cut the deficit to two inspired a little hope but I’m sure many felt it was too little too late. Then with 2 minutes left, another goal to cut the deficit to one. Can this actually happen? Then just seconds later, they tied it up and it was all but a formality that the Bruins were going to win. You don’t come back from a 3-goal deficit in the 3rd period of Game 7 and lose.

Last night was yet another display of why sports is the best. You really never know what’s going to happen and it’s impossible to predict. The energy in that arena after the overtime winner is what every sports fan craves – it’s what keeps up coming back.  It’s also another prime example that you can never leave early. I’m sure there’s a lot of Boston fans who left early and now have to lie to friends and say they were there when in reality they were in their car or on the subway during the epic comeback. Congrats to Boston on a truly amazing victory. Now they get to take on the Rangers in what will be a great original 6 match up.

The Rangers made it a lot less dramatic with a dominant 5-0 win over the Caps in their Game 7. King Henrik hasn’t allowed a goal in 2 games and if New York can score like it did in Game 7, it’s going to be a tough series for the Bruins. Playoff hockey often comes down to having the better goaltender and the Rangers have the best one still playing this season. I like our chances but it’s going to be a great series and now we know never to count the Bruins out – no matter how big of a lead we build.


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