Giants 1st Round Draft Pick Finds Out He Got Selected

There are many things that make this video awesome. It is always fun and inspiring to watch someone find out they have fulfilled their life’s dream. Pugh has a lot of work ahead of him but the offensive lineman out of Syracuse will be an NFL player – one drafted in the first round no less.

Restraining his excitement while on the phone with Coughlin looked very difficult but he maintained his professionalism. Then, when he hung up, we got to see the real reaction as Pugh was mobbed by his friends and family. A very cool moment that I’m glad someone recorded and put on YouTube.

There are also two subtle parts of this video that are hilarious. First, the friend’s reaction when Pugh says “I can’t wait to be a Giant.” The guy looks shocked and disgusted at the thought of his friend putting on a blue uniform. Justin is from Pennsylvania and he and his friends are Eagles fans, so this is understandable. But even during Pugh’s biggest professional moment, his friends’ fandom still reigns supreme. That’s the way it should be too. This also explains the Eagles jersey that was part of the group that swarmed Pugh after he hung up the phone.

Finally, the “you’re my boy” Old School shirt with the picture of Joseph “Blue” Pulaski is fantastic and needs to be acknowledged. Congrats to Pugh and I can’t wait to have him on the squad. Seems like he will add some much needed depth to our offensive line. He will also have a familiar face in training camp as the Giants took Ryan Nassib with their fourth round pick. Coughlin loves those Syracuse guys and I think he got two real good ones in this year’s draft.


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