Giants Cut Bradshaw, Canty and Boley

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The 2013 Giants are going to look significantly different than the 2012 Giants. Whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen. It was definitely a surprise to see Jerry Reese let three starters go yesterday but he has to do what he has to do. If he doesn’t think they are worth the money and can be replaced, then I trust him and that’s the business.

As a fan, I’m a little upset about this. Bradshaw was a large part in both Super Bowls and he has led the team in rushing each of the last three seasons. It’s sad to think that he could be in another uniform. I love the way he runs – determined and ferocious, making him very difficult to take down. He could run over a defender just as easily as he could sidestep one. He was a power runner at times and a finesse back when he needed to compliment Jacobs.

With Bradshaw undergoing another foot surgery and the emergence of David Wilson and Andre Brown, Reese clearly feels Bradshaw is no longer worth what he makes. It’s weird to think of a 26-year old, like Bradshaw, being past his prime but that is the life of an NFL running back. Boley and Canty both made large contributions since arriving in 2009. Boley was forced into the starting middle linebacker role and he played well. Canty was a part of one of the best defensive lines ever assembled and made it easier on those famous ends to rack up sacks.

All three will be missed and I won’t forget what they each did for the team. My lasting memory of Bradshaw is him falling into the end zone for the game-winning score in Super Bowl XLVI. It was the strangest TD in Super Bowl history and even he wasn’t sure whether to celebrate or not. It did put the Giants up for good over the Pats and helped secure our 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years. For that and everything else he did, Bradshaw will always be okay by me.

Jerry Reese saved $13.75M with these cuts and will be about $3M under the 2013 cap. I’m smart enough to separate my GM cap from my fan hat. Jerry Reese knows what he’s doing and these moves will be good for the team. I just hope none of these guys land in the NFC East or on the Patriots. I can see Belichick going after Bradshaw just like he did with Ballard.


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