Welcome to the Future: Google Glass

I may be a little behind on this but I just found about Google’s Project Glass and I’m completely blown away. Essentially, the idea is that you will have all of the capabilities of your phone visible through your glasses. Without lifting a finger you can search the Internet. Looking outside will tell you the temperature and you can get turn by turn directions all while receiving real time updates and messages. Of course you also have the capability to take pictures and video and apparently even video chat.

I don’t know how far off this technology is but it’s truly amazing. Technology is moving so rapidly now and I know I shouldn’t be surprised by the latest advancement but this just seems so cool. Right now we have all of technology available at our fingertips with our smart phones. With Google Glass, we will have that same access without having to physically hold anything. It may tough to envision a future where everyone is talking to their glasses, but this is exciting and I’m anxiously waiting for this to hit the market.

One of the benefits of being one of the co-founders of Google is that you don’t have to wait. Sergey Brin was spotted wearing – or presumably testing – his prototype on the subway in New York City.



Wow! Given the capabilities of these glasses, I was expecting something a lot more bulky. Those just look like normal glasses. Sign me up.


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