Knicks win thriller in Brooklyn


Who knew that all it would take was a move to Brooklyn to ignite of the best rivalries in the league? Last nights Knicks Nets game at the Barclays Center felt like a Game 7. The first meeting between the in-city rivals went to OT and last nights game was even better. Tied with just 30 seconds left, Jason Kidd was fouled while hitting the go-ahead three and had the opportunity for a 4-point play. Every Knicks fan was immediately taken back to 1999 and Larry Johnson.

I was at that game and I was only 10 years old but I’ll never forget that play. That shot of the Garden exploding is absolutely awesome. No other way to describe it. Johnson made his free-throw to complete the 4-point play, putting the Knicks up by one and securing the win.

Last night, Kidd missed his free throw leaving the door open for the Nets. They were able to chuck up a couple of threes but couldn’t get one to go and the Knicks, who trailed by 14 after the first quarter, won the game. Melo had 45 points and is putting together possibly the best year of his career. What a game and what a renewed rivalry. Can’t wait for the Nets to come to the Garden and I really can’t wait for a potential playoff series between the two. It’s going to be electric.


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