How Cool is Jay-Z?

Jay Z at Barclays Center in Brooklyn

Jay-Z recently completed a run of 8 sold-out shows to officially open the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. On his way to the 8th and final performance he did like most of the audience and took the subway to the arena. It’s an awesome move from the start because there is obviously no reason Jay-Z would ever have to take mass transportation. But it got even better when he sat down on the train to talk to Ellen Grossman. Jay’s life and style website Life and Times  released a documentary chronicling his run at the Barclay’s and the 27-minute film included this gem of an conversation between Hov and the normal subway rider.

Ellen Grossman is the star of this video… Just a genuine interaction with one of the most famous people on the planet. Camera phones and crowds of people surrounding Jay-Z and he sits down to a nice back-and-forth with the most pleasant N-train rider I have ever seen. It turns out that Ellen Grossman is a successful artist and thoroughly enjoyed her meeting with Beyonce’s husband. What a great video – Jay-Z made a new fan the old fashioned way (approaching them on the subway) and Ellen Grossman became a star.

I have added Jay-Z to my list of artists that I must see perform live, especially in Brooklyn. He raps with a live band and has enough hits that he can put on 3 or 4 completely different and amazing shows. Plus, one of my favorite music DVD’s is Fade to Black, which chronicled his Madison Square Garden farewell performance in 2004. (It what was supposed to be his last performance before retiring but of course he un-retired and has made 3 albums since). It’s a fantastic DVD that also includes inter-cuts of Jay-Z in the studio recording The Black Album. 

Anyway, as long as Jay-Z keeps recording, keeps performing and keeps taking public transportation, then we should be in for some good stuff.


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