Giants Reassert Dominance in NFC

What do we really know about the NFL after 6 weeks? No team has come out and put together a perfect 6 weeks. Yeah, the Falcons are undefeated but if you have watched any of their games (the last 2 being last second wins at home vs Carolina and Oakland), you would agree there was nothing perfect about them. This season has not followed the same script as last year’s for a number of teams.  Four of last year’s top teams during the regular season (Packers, Saints, Patriots and Steelers) have a combined 9-16 record. So much changes week to week in the NFL and this is an update league. Given the events of Week 6, I ‘m updating the Giants to best team in the NFC.

On Sunday, the Giants played the best 60 minutes of football that they have played since the Wild Card game vs Atlanta in last year’s playoffs. The 49ers were coming off 2 dominant victories in which they outscored their opponents 79-3.  The Giants didn’t seem to care about what San Francisco had accomplished this season and came out west with their own chip on their shoulder. The defense played fantastic and the pass rush reappeared causing Alex Smith to make some very poor decisions. The result was 3 interceptions and just 3 points from an offense that had 300 rushing yards and 300 passing yards in the same game last week.

Eli and the offense did it’s thing and most importantly they established the run. Bradshaw became the 1st visiting player to rush for 100 yards at Candlestick since ’09. The line deserves a lot of credit for Bradshaw’s performance and for keeping Eli upright when he went back to throw. Manning got sacked 6 times and knocked down on almost every dropback in last year’s NFC championship game. Sunday’s rout was a much cleaner performance (literally) for both Eli and the line. If the running game can continue to balance out the offense and the line can continue to give Eli time, this offense is as potent as any in the league (including Green Bay).

This was a statement road win that without a doubt reasserts the Giants as the cream of the crop in the NFC. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants and Niners met again in the postseason. It’s a long season and it often takes time to figure out what type of your team you are going to be. When the Giants get that inevitable identity complex due to their stacked schedule later in the season, they can look back on Sunday’s dominant win and remember just how good they are capable of being.


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