Baseball and Football Go Young

A trend is gaining traction in the sports world, specifically baseball and football… These sports are finding the fountain of youth.  On Sunday, Rangers top prospect Jurickson Profar (age 19) made his big league debut.  Being a teenager didn’t hinder his ability to make his presence felt early as he hit a HR in his first major league at bat.  Pirates top prospect Starling Marte (age 23) also accomplished the feat in July.

Veterans have not faded into oblivion – Derek Jeter (age 38) is having an outstanding season but he is the black sheep on the list of names making waves around the majors.  Young talent has been on display all season.  Mike Trout (age 21) is the best player in the league.  Bryce Harper (age 20) and Stephen Strasburg (age 24) have helped the Nats gain a strong hold on the NL East Division.  Manny Machado (age 20) hasn’t skipped a beat after getting called up and thrown into a pennant race.  As previously mentioned, Profar and Marte made an impact literally right away.  I know it’s only one at bat, but isn’t there supposed to be a learning curve?

Football is going young and inexperienced at the most important position on the field.  15 of the 32 starting quarterbacks for Week 1 will be 25 or younger and/or a rookie.  Andrew Luke (age 22), RGIII (age 22), Blaine Gabbert (age 22), Russel Wilson (age 23), Cam Newton (age 23), Ryan Tannehill (age 24), Christian Ponder (age 24), Jake Locker (age 24), Andy Dalton (age 24), Sam Bradford (age 24), Matthew Stafford (age 24), Josh Freeman (age 24), Mark Sanchez (age 25) and Brandon Weeden (rookie, age 27) will all be under center to start the 2012-2013 season.  More colleges adopting pro-style offenses has expedited their development and now for better or worse, the QB position is a young man’s game.

Youth means increased athleticism, wide eyes and naivete, all of which has its benefits and drawbacks in sports.  Whether this trend is here to stay or it is coincidence that will soon be forgotten remains to be seen.  In the meantime, sports fans are being treated to some exciting, young talent and they can expect more as summer turns into fall.


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