I’m Ready for some Football


Tonight is the Giants preseason opener and I can’t wait for the football season to get underway.  We are the defending Super Bowl champs but so much has happened in the league this off-season that it feels like everyone forgot about the Giants thrilling win in February.  I certainly haven’t forgotten though and I’m ready to begin what is hopefully another championship season.  The season after our ’07 Super Bowl victory was superb until Plaxico shot himself in the leg (literally).    I’m hoping for bigger and better during this quest for a repeat.

Aside from the Giants, there are too many other compelling story lines around the league entering this season.  Everything from rookies replacing legends, legends changing teams, QB controversies, new head coaches, and polarizing wideouts in new places.  The Jets stole a lot of the off season headlines, which is completely fine by me.  I always preferred making headlines on the field.

Tonight is our first real look at the 2012 team, which has some notable changes from last year’s championship team.  The mainstays are unchanged though, including Eli, Bradshaw, Nicks (recovering from injury), Cruz, JPP, Osi and Coughlin.  We’re still 4 weeks away from the season opener against Dallas and this is just the beginning of the preseason, but I’m more than ready for some football!


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