Mark Cuban puts Skip Bayless in his place

First Take on ESPN is something that I watch but am not proud of at all.  I can’t watch the show for more than 1 or 2 segments but I also can’t avoid stopping on the channel when I see it is on.  This is probably exactly what the show wants and it succeeds in its mission to draw ratings by being controversial and argumentative.  At times, I’m not sure whether I’m watching it to genuinely see what Skip Bayless thinks about the sports topic d’jour or if I just want to see how much I disagree with what smoke he is blowing up the viewers ass.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, took a shot at Bayless via twitter during Tuesday’s NBA Finals Game 4 between the Heat and Thunder.

Cuban answered the call on today’s show – the day after Skip’s biggest target Lebron James won his 1st NBA championship.  Skip is often fun to watch and sparks many different emotions spanning from “oh, that’s an interesting and valid point” to pure rage.  Today, Cuban put him in his place, calling Skip out for his generalities and lack of facts.

Cuban 1     Skip 0

I’m ready for Round 2.


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