Sandusky Trial is Nauseating

The defense has rested its case and the articles chronicling the events of the courtroom will now cease – at least until a verdict is reached.  It was tough to read about some of the testimonies from the victims so I can’t even imagine what it was like inside the courtroom, hearing the accounts first-hand.

All you need to know about this trial to surmise the outcome is that the defense will not let Sandusky take the stand.  If he really didn’t commit these crimes, wouldn’t he be eager to prove his innocence to the world by speaking under oath?  The one time Sandusky did field direct questions regarding his alleged child sex abuse, he was obliterated by Bob Costas, who was simply direct and to the point with his questions.  The fact that the defense feels that Sandusky taking the stand will hurt him more than it will help him should be the tell-tale sign that he will be found guilty on the 51 counts and spend life in prison.

Rick Reilly wrote an article bringing up a valid point – Sandusky not taking a plea and forcing 8 of his 10 victims to testify, thus reliving everything right in front of him is another form of torture.  Isn’t is bad enough that he abused these kids in the first place?  Now they must go in the spotlight to make sure that the source of all of their pain is locked up for life.  Furthermore, to have 10 victims describing the same exact story proves the veracity of his crimes.  That’s not an isolated incident.  It hasn’t been fun reading about the trial. I will feel a sense of relief when a guilty verdict is read, but it will pale in comparison to the relief felt by the victims.


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