We’re going to Mars

The plan is already in motion to have 4 people move to Mars for the rest of their lives, with 4 new people joining them every 2 years to eventually set up a colony on Mars.  That’s right, people will be picking up everything and moving to another planet, never to return.  According to Mars One, by 2023 there will be life on Mars – if there isn’t already.

Fresh off a 60 minutes story about SpaceX, a California based aerospace company, I’m very intrigued by this idea.  The government has made it clear that they are not going to finance any space missions in the near future so producing the next landmark space moment falls into the hands of the private sector.  This could be it and it has a very interesting/brilliant financing plan.  Mars One plans to produce the biggest media event in history.

It is a very different time than the 1969 when we landed on the moon.  Essentially setting up the Truman Show on Mars is such a great idea.  Who wouldn’t watch that and want to know what they are doing and what life is like on Mars?  With all of the technology available including live streaming and being able to communicate instantly, it is the perfect time to start life on a new planet.

I would not like to be one of these 4 people going on the maiden voyage.  Yeah, you gain immortal status as one of the people that moved to Mars, but it honestly sounds miserable.  You have a 7-month journey constricted to a very small space, then you have the rest of your life to start from scratch and live on a new planet.  Although Earth is over-populated and we’re using up our natural resources too fast, I’m not starting over.  Credit to the people who want to do this and help us get closer to figuring out what else is out there.  I’ll be following this plan very closely over the next decade.


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