Madonna is off the Reservation

Is there anyone on Earth more out of touch with reality than Madonna?  She has been in the public eye a lot recently with her over-the-top yet dated Super Bowl halftime show.  I was at the Super Bowl and trust me those type of performances play much better on TV.  It was entertaining simply because of the spectacle (setting up the stage in 8 minutes was impressive), but the biggest television draw in history should be going more modern – even if that brings the possibility of another wardrobe malfunction.


Along with the promotion of her new album, she found herself in the news again after an appearance at the Ultra Music Festival this past weekend in Miami.  She introduced Avicii who was headlining one of the nights.  I caught this introduction on SiriusXM and didn’t know it was Madonna speaking when she was introducing him.  Her intro went something like this… (paraphrasing here)

“House music has been a part of my life and career for the past 25 years… I’m thrilled to introduce one of the best electronic dance acts in the world right now.  How many of you are excited for Avicii? (crowd screams)  How many of you have seen molly? (louder screams)  Please welcome motherfuckin Avicii.”

Molly is a reference to a form of ectasy which is no stranger to electronic music festivals.  She was essentially asking how many people were on molly.  This remark really pissed off Deadmau5, another DJ performing at the festival.

The following twitter feud ensued…

First of all when Deadmau5 is questioning your morals and motives, you have an issue.  Not to take anything away from him but he wears a mouse head.  Second of all, for Madonna to say she wasn’t referencing the drug when her new album title is MDNA (clearly a take on MDMA) is like the Mets saying they have money to go out and get new players – it’s a flat out lie.  The two have since settled their twitter feud with Madonna even scolding Deadmau5 for not handling this privately instead of on Twitter.  Either way, Madonna’s efforts to stay relevant has caused her to completely lose it.

Or, she’s a genius and has become even crazier than she always was for the publicity in order to stay in the public consciousness, in which case it’s Madonna’s world and we’re all just living in it.  I may even grab a copy of MDNA.


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